UK SEUNG Europe GmbH

The Company

UK SEUNG Europe GmbH (spoken: UKSONG) is the European affiliate of UK SEUNG Chemical Co. Ltd., the market leader for pigments in South Korea. At the main site in Busan, the dynamic port in the southeastern part of the country, South Korea’s second largest city with more than 4 Million people, UK SEUNG Chemical manufactures a broad range of organic, inorganic, daylight and special UV-fluorescent pigments for various applications. Bringing the Korean expertise and skills matching the requirements of the European market, bridging over from a logistical standpoint the geographical distance, being a competent, reliable and competitive, alternative supplier and achieving the satisfaction of our customers, those are the tasks and targets to UK SEUNG Europe GmbH.

Setting the foundations

September 18th, 2008, in Schoellkrippen, a small city of northern Bavaria located on the brink of the Spessart forest, the founding contract is signed. It was Mr. E.H. Byun, Head of Sales at UK SEUNG Chemical Co. Ltd., who set with his signature, on behalf of the Company’s President, Mr. Jun Seok Byun , the legal foundations of the company. Rainer Schubert, Chemical Engineer and since a long time the consultant of the company in Korea, is nominated as Managing Director.


The first challenge: REACH

November 30th, 2008: UK SEUNG Europe GmbH, the Only Representative of UK SEUNG Chemical Co. Ltd., completes successfully, in time the Pre-Registration of the substances. The pre-conditions to market the products in compliance with the new European Legislation for Chemicals are set.

Starting working

In the beginning of 2009, the targets are obvious: the necessary work to achieve the final registration of the substances according to REACH has to be pushed very hard. There are two milestones, May 31st, 2013 and 2018 on the way through that are moving closer.

Building bridges

A new challenge: finding the appropriate logistical set-up to bridge over the long distance to the Korean production unit to achieve a lead time in the supply chain, complying with the market standard. Beginning of 2010, it is done: the company starts operating a customs bonded warehouse in Bockenem, nearby Hildesheim in Lower Saxony/Germany. Out of this European stock point of UK SEUNG Chemical, we are able to supply our customers within 3-4 days. In February 2010, the company moves its office to Grossostheim, close to Aschaffenburg on the Main River at the gateway to the city of Frankfurt. July 1st, 2011, the free-trade-agreement signed between the European Union and South Korea comes into force and provides the status of preferential origin. South Korea and the EU become preferred business partners. The bridges are built. We want to use them to start with you a responsible and reliable partnership.